Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Great Scary Read.

Speaking of friends who write scary things:

Jeff Sharlet has a new book coming out: The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.

Read about it here.
Order it here.

Some comments about Jeff and his book:

"The stupidest of their students become journalists… [such as] Jeff Sharlet.”
-- Ann Coulter, writing on liberal professors in Godless.

"Of all the important studies of the American right, The Family is undoubtedly the most eloquent. It is also quite possibly the most terrifying. This story of a secretive and unmerciful church of "key men" goes way beyond Jesus Christ, CEO—it's Jesus Christ, lobbyist; Jesus Christ, strikebreaker; and maybe even Jesus Christ, fuhrer."
--Thomas Frank, author of What's the Matter with Kansas?

"This is a gripping, utterly original narrative about an influential evangelical elite that few Americans even know exists. Jeff Sharlet's fine reporting unveils a group whose history stretches from the corporate foes of the New Deal to the congressional lawmakers who gather each year at the National Prayer Breakfast. The 'Christian Right' will never look the same again." --Michael Kazin, author of A Godly Hero: the Life of William Jennings Bryan and The Populist Persuasion: An American History

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