Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rick Warren is a Moderate, Uh huh.

Firedoglake has a piece today about Rick Warren, the big time pastor of the Orange County megachurch Saddleback. Why Obama chose to speak there on Saturday night is easy to understand: he's working hard to win over those moderate Christians who may be willing to put the economy, the Iraq war, and health care above abortion and the conservative issues that brought our most recent president to power.

In hindsight though, the Saddleback gig may have done little to help Obama. Word has it that McCain was listening to Obama's panel and was therefor more prepared for the questions. Indeed he was much more smooth, witty and at ease than we've seen him before.

Obama on the other hand didn't benefit from the same aplause as McCain. He's being criticized for answering questins haltingly and for talking to Warren instead of the audience of the cameras.

One good that could come out of the whole thing would be a debunking of the Obama is a Muslim crap that is floating around. Cause, you know, it's really really bad to be Muslim.



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