Monday, December 29, 2008

By the Numbers.

How does the war between Israel and Palestine continue?

Current Illegal Settlements On the Other's Land:

Israel: 233
Palestine: 0

Current Unemployment Rates:

Israel: 7.3%
Palestine: 23%

Homes Destroyed Since 1967:

Israel: 0
Palestine: 18,147

Current Number of Political Prisoners held by the Other Side:

Israel: 1
Palestine: 10,756

Daily US Taxpayer Dollars received:

Israel: $6.8 Million
Palestine: $.3

Palestinians have been put in a corner. They have no resources, no food, no jobs, no education, they live a third-world existence. Their land has been taken, their travel restricted, their children killed.

Every terrorist attack on US soil or property or people is a direct result of our support of Israel. And yet, US voters continue to confuse criticism of the Israeli government with anti-semitism.



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