Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Literal Interpretation.

"Do you mean snap like Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Franklin? When you can show me where in the Constitution the Federal government derives the authority for Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, the Dept. of Ed., Bailouts, GIVE, SERVE, mandated hiring practices, mandated wages, seizure of land for purposes other than given in Article1, Section 8, etc. you can then call me an extremist. Until then I and 10s of millions of others will stand by our rights to not have our money taken forcibly for agendas with no legal basis. Somehow to want the rule of law maintained and not want to be subject to the whims and agendas of others who disregard it has become extremism, rather than what has always been understood as the only recourse when those in authority, or any group of people choose to exercise unlawful power over others."

By JEFFERSONWASRIGHT in the comments section of the Huffington Post story about Homeland Securities report of warnings about right-wing extremism.



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