Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mark Steyn Fears ObamaCare will Make Him a Woman

Here's a little whacked-out logic from Mark Steyn via a blogger at Axis of Right (posted in whole because it's just so priceless):

I was listening to a bit of Mark Steyn filling-in for Rush today, when he mentioned an interesting concept on socialized health care: the nationalization of your body. Put simply, if you do not belong to yourself anymore (i.e., no longer have control over health decisions of your body), isn’t that a form of slavery?
In a
Washington Times article from June 14, Steyn said this about a story in Quebec:

“In the province of Quebec, patients with severe incontinence – i.e., they’re in the bathroom 12 times a night – wait three years for a simple 30-minute procedure. True, Quebecers have a year or two on Americans in the life-expectancy hit parade, but if you’re making 12 trips a night to the john 365 nights a year for three years, in terms of life-spent-outside-the-bathroom expectancy, an uninsured Vermonter may actually come out ahead.”

Elaborating on this story on-air today, Steyn basically said that your bladder (or any other part of your body) in Canada simply belongs to the government, and the government decides when and where it will be treated, if at all. Socialized health care rips apart the concept of individual liberty, plain and simple. That might be fine for a democratic socialist soft tyranny in Europe, but in principle it’s very un-American at its heart.

Ok, I get Steyn's point. He's afraid of becoming a woman!

Cause, see, every time I have to plow through lines of hateful, demeaning protestors at the clinic to get a pap smear so I can have my birth control prescription filled, or the pharmacist denies filling it because of their conscience and I have to schlep all over town (or the county, depending on what part of the country I'm in), or my church pastor tells me I should let God decide when I have my children, or my husband thinks he can have sex with me any time he wants, or I find out I am pregnant (because you know, the whore that I am, I engaged in sex) when I don't want to be, laws in this country nationalize my body and my body doesn't belong to me any more. And that is very un-American.



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