Friday, August 7, 2009

Gibbs Flubs Assisted Suicide Count.

Oh geez. Lifenews takes Press Secretary Gibbs to task for only naming Oregon during an end-of-life, assisted suicide question at a press conference. The two other states where assisted suicide is legal are Washington (as with Oregon, by state vote) and Montana, where it was legalized by court ruling and is still under contention.

Regardless, it was a shoddy answer that got no one, not the press, not the administration, not the public, talking about end-of-life issues. And when the "pro-life" camp talks about end-of-life, they do so in absolutes.

Like abortion, assisted suicide, when legal is increasingly difficult to obtain. When not legal, it occurs among the desperate, lonely and determined. Legalization ensures a humane end for those who wish to no longer be sustained by artificial means or have come to the end of their thread.

You can read more at Lifenews, if you want to get pissy about it.



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