Friday, August 21, 2009

Red Scare.

I am at the end of my rope. I am reading far too many blogs about euthanasia, death panels, cruel, disgusting, deadly-to-seniors policies. I'm about to crack. The ignorance astounds and depresses me.

I've begun posting this commentary everywhere I go that calls Ezekiel Emanuel evil, that lists the story of the Oregon woman who was denied cancer drugs but offered AS, everywhere someone swears that dirty scheming Obama (wherever he was born) is coming to kill their elderly, their babies, their liberty. Copy, paste, copy, paste.

Call it internet grafitti. This new commentary tactic is helping to keep me sane. Somewhat.

I'm sorry to just drop in like this but: I think you've all lost your minds.

Do you also believe that the president is not a citizen? Think he's secretly plotting to kill everyone over 65?

Listen to yourselves! You're spreading unfounded rumors started by power-hungry Republicans and insurance companies who are bent on denying you services. You are spreading lies that will hurt you. Insurance companies already *ration* your care. Please, start with some facts and employ your reason.

He's not evil, our president, he's just black.

Heaven help us when commentary goes this far into "red scare" territory!


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