Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 "Pro-Life" Memorial Day.

Today, the first day of the US Supreme Court's fall session, has been marked by the American Life League as 2009 "Pro-Life" Memorial Day (quotes are mine). Anti-choice activists will stand on the steps of the Supreme Court and outside women's clinics around the country to protest the 1973 Roe v Wade court decision that, according to their numbers, has caused "America's hidden Holocaust," the "death" of 51 million "preborn" children.

Tacked to the end of an announcement on is the statement:

Participants are also praying that healthcare reform does not include funding abortion, or result in euthanasia of the disabled and elderly.

The tacking shows the "pro-life" movement's embrace of euthanasia as a growing concern. Abortion will always be the primary cause of anti-choice activists. Limiting choice for seniors and the terminally ill at the end of life, however, continues to garner the resources of the anti-choice machine. As with abortion, their terms of use (euthanasia harks the Holocaust), and opposition to health care reform's enforcement of personal choice, show an agenda not based in fact but fear.

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