Sunday, October 18, 2009

Assisted Suicide: One Part of a Socialist, Postmodern Conspiracy to Take Down America.

Good Lord! A few days ago I blogged about the accusation that Death with Dignity is a Democratic plan to kill off elderly Republicans. It would be hilarious if it weren't so preposterous.

Now today, NewWorldOrderUniversityForum prints a bunch of postmodern, socialist conspiracy Krapola:

As the funding for palliative care dries up, the government will promote assisted suicide as a noble option. You will be helping the government with its debt problems, which were caused by underfunded welfare programs in the first place. It’s a neat circle. We hope you can appreciate the irony of supporting socialized medicine that is underfunded, then committing suicide so the program can maintain its viability for a while. Maybe they’ll put your names on a plaque honoring socialist heroes. Maybe not.
The Obama healthcare agenda is not primarily about promoting assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. That will be one eventual outcome, but it is not the primary goal. The primary goal is to weaken America and control America. The goal is to help America commit suicide by weakening its society and building up socialist institutions to replace society. Once imprisoned under socialism, everyone will be totally controlled. Total socialist control is the precondition for the suicide of the West. What a few elderly people choose to do at the end of their lives is not the suicide of the West. The energy takeover, the police state, and the medical care takeover will complement socialist education, the socialist military, and socialist control over the economy to form a total socialist system. How many people actually commit suicide after the takeover is a relatively minor matter as compared with poisoning the main systems.

Yes, more of the same old Liberals-hate-America, the-Communists-are-coming-to-get-you, be-very-afraid stuff. But note how quickly this spiel leads into paranoid delusion. Who are the culprits of this world-wide conspiracy?

Today’s Marxist cultural modelers include Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, the female sports reporters, the feminist lawyers on Fox News, the female detectives in the crime shows, the women warriors in science fiction movies, Wonder Woman, any female superhero in comic books, any female who models females as an expert or authority, any black who models blacks as experts or authorities, anyone modeling homosexuals, minorities, or women as “oppressed” in the age of affirmative action quotas.
There are other approved postmodern role models apart from these hard Communist stereotypes. You should also be wary of women who spend too much time bonding with the apes, girls who want to play on boys’ sports teams (and the men who let them), mafia bosses who seek therapy, anyone who attends an international conference, self-reinvention gurus, anyone who appears on PBS offering you more power, volunteer hustlers, charity hustlers, eco-tour guides, any Green spokesman, anyone promoting use of cell phones by teenage girls, any group of people living in a house together.

That's right: women, minorities, homosexuals, blacks, the media, environmentalists, anyone who works for individual rights....

This delirious writer isn't the only one yelling about postmodernism as the cause of the "culture of death." A simple look at the writings of Wesley J. Smith, a staunch "pro-life" writer who addresses issues such as abortion and "euthanasia," will tell you that rabid fear of the other, of societal change, and of individual choice informs much of the opposition to choice in reproductive rights or in death.

Smith puts a good enough face on his positions - in other words, he doesn't come off as crazy as the writer noted above - but if you wonder where his theory comes from, look no farther than New World Order conspiracy ideas based in homophobia, racism, and fear of individual rights.

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