Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservative Opposition To Catholic-Encouraged Amendments to Health Care Reform.

At least one Catholic thinks the USCCB's efforts to motivate Catholics to change/amend the health care reform bill is - and this is kind of funny - "a co-coordinated effort between the congressional leaders and the USCCB."

Pewsitter is calling his post "The Boomerang Effect" and in some strange twist of logic, seems to think that Bishops are working for Democrats or Obama in order to bring health care reform about:

In their fantastic thinking, the bishops believe that Congress can move the entire country to a national health bureaucracy, and it will expand the medical services to people and not uniformly contract them. This utopian pie-in-the-sky error is standard reasoning from their quarter. .

There are endless ways that Congress can seemingly capitulate to the Bishops’ demands, thus giving them a green light to do what they would very much love to do, support the bill wholeheartedly.Regardless of the U.S. Bishops’ healthcare formations, there is no real way to produce this government takeover and not have more abortions, rationing, euthanasia, and coercion. It is intrinsic to the machine being set into motion. The details are incidental. Any possible protections would be temporary at best, and the bishops, poised and hoping for success of the plan, are vulnerable to a Democrat feint.

Even if the Bishops were able to force the adoption of pro-life amendments that have been introduced by Republicans and blue dog Democrats, the courts would still be free to change these provisions and unleash the pro-death lobby against the elderly, sick and unborn. The court majorities exist and most of the insidious amoral laws we suffer with today have relied upon key court interventions around the country.

We are in great danger that the bishops will turn around and bolt in the wrong direction based on some weak or deceptive accommodation- - and that much of the best part of the Catholic population--mass-going, sensible, elderly, impressed by their bishop’s pastoral attention and Washington’s new listening ears, will shift their opinions from where they are today and seal their own fates.

It’s amazing to me that a group of leaders who give so much time on behalf of the unborn, the sick, and the poor would ever support a national health scheme in the first place. Has the Conference solicited the advice of one medical professional, perhaps even the Catholic Medical Association?

Chalk one up for conspiracy-minded crazy when it comes to health care reform, a democratic government, and a black president.

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