Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Heritage Foundation Fundraising Email.

I guess it's money time for the right. On the heels of an email from the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation (see prior post) comes this from The Heritage Foundation. Both sound so fearful. Makes me wonder what exactly they are so afraid of. Obama's Radical Agenda?! Don't they realize how centrist he really is?

Dear Ann,

President Barack Obama has moved into the White House. And with his liberal allies running Congress, the Left will work quickly to enact their radical agenda.

We conservatives have to repel the liberal tide, and it will not be easy. The Heritage Foundation -- America’s leading conservative policy organization -- is prepared to fight back. But we need your help!

Join the more than 400,000 Americans supporting Heritage now! We fight for our ideals with common-sense policy proposals and a clear message based on reliable conservative principles.

If you join today with your tax-deductible gift of $25 or more, we will send you a free Pocket Constitution.

The Left makes no bones about imposing their radical plans on America -- from massive new spending programs to misguided ideas about the war on terror, health care, education and even the Supreme Court. Nothing is out of the question for them.

That is why The Heritage Foundation is working harder than ever to meet this challenge. We will not stray from our mission to fight for free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Liberals think the magic solution to the problems facing our nation is a new New Deal, but Heritage knows that there is a better way. We are on the front lines -- our offices are a stone’s throw from the Capitol -- battling for a better America that gets back to its conservative roots.

Join us in this crucial fight right now.

We are building on our 35-year record of success -- from welfare reform to missile defense to tax cuts -- and with your support, we can put America back on track.

In Washington, there are no permanent victories and no permanent defeats. We must remain steadfast in our commitment whether the times are good or bad. That's why your support is so important. Without conservative allies like you, none of what we do would be possible.

Ed Feulner Signature
Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.
The Heritage Foundatio

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