Friday, October 9, 2009

Reader Response: What Anti-Choice Means.

This just in from Liz Wheeler who takes offense at my use of the term anti-choice in a post on this site from October 6, Anti-Choice: Coming after the Rights of Other Minority Groups Now:

Upon reading your article “Anti-Choice: Coming After the Rights of Other Minority Groups Now,” I wanted to bring a particular point to your attention.

Your use of the term “anti-choice” is very misleading, and shows a significant misunderstanding of the term.

The term anti-choice by definition means “one who opposes ALL choices”, no matter what the topic of choice be. The opposition to abortion does not stem from the opposition of choices in general (as the term anti-choice would lead one to believe). Those who oppose abortion are against feticide and embryocide, thus making them anti-feticide, anti-embryocide, or anti-abortion. Just as someone who opposes the choice of a man to hit his wife is not anti-choice, but anti-domestic-violence, the correct label for a person who opposes abortion would be anti-abortion (or anti-feticide, anti-embryocide, etc.)

I would invite you to visit the website to review and read more information on this subject and on the use of the term anti-choice.

Thank you,

Liz Wheeler

Um, thank you Liz. Obviously I use the term to indicate "pro-life" groups who work to eliminate the practices on their platform: abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research and cloning. My purpose is to equate anti-choice, anti-abortion activists with anti-choice, anti-aid in dying activists. Same platform, same agenda, different minority group they wish to keep from making their own choices. (What that has to do with domestic violence, I'm not sure.)

The link doesn't say much more than Liz's email does; both work to remove the right-reviled moniker "anti-choice" from the abortion issue, probably because more and more women (and men) understand the need for choice in their reproductive health options. In other words, Liz, your agenda is showing.

By the way: Could this be you?

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