Wednesday, November 25, 2009

But for What Reason I Don't Know...

Know what it's like to enter an abortion clinic? Scared, in a crisis that means a radical change in your life, and have to pass by the "pro-life" protesters who belittle you, look down on you? Pulling a knife seems perfectly reasonable to me. I wonder if the "assailant" ever got the services she needed. From LifeNews:

Woman Heading for Abortion Faces Assault Charges, Pulled Knife on Pro-Lifer

Duluth, MN ( -- A Minnesota woman faces assault charges after she allegedly pulled a knife on a pro-life advocate who encouraged her not to have an abortion. The assault follows a shooting that took place in September in Michigan that saw local pro-life advocate Jim Pouillon shot and killed as he protested abortion.

Leah Winandy and other pro-life advocates were gathered outside the abortion business in Duluth when an unnamed 25-year-old woman from Superior approached the Building For Women abortion center on 1st Street at around 8:00 a.m. local time Tuesday morning.

Winandy told the woman she cared about her unborn child but the woman responded by reportedly brandishing a knife and held it to Winandy's throat.

"We asked the women 'please don't take the life of your unborn baby we care about what happens to them,'" Winandy told the Northland News Center. "She said 'don't do this,don't talk to me, don't come near me' and I just said 'fear god,' and she had the knife to my throat and I was a little nervous," Winandy added. "She was probably trying to threaten me and intimidate me...but for what reason I don't know."

After the woman threatened Winandy, another sidewalk counselor came to her aid and the woman threatened her with the knife as well, holding it close to her neck.

The assailant then entered the abortion facility -- where police later found her and located the knife in her purse. Police officials arrested her and took her to the St. Louis County jail, where she is expected to be formally charged

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