Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

My sister and I, when growing up, would spend an evening every holiday seasons singing carols with the neighbors. We would traipse around the sparsely populated neighborhood, harassing any inhabitants of houses with lights on with out songs. Then we would return, chilled to the bone, to the brightly decorated house of the Petersen family where hot punch was on the stove and snacks were arranged on plates emblazoned with Santa Clause faces and Christmas trees.

The evening would conclude with a loud belt of, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jesus, happy birthday to you." Applause, cheers, a group blow-out of as many candles as the little cake could hold.

My sister and I would go home and report the events to our father who repeated that the Petersens just were not right. Of course, Mr. Petersen's clog-wearing and sweater-knitting didn't lend my father to favorable feelings either. My father, a former Mennonite, still stoic and reserved, had little patience with the slightly hippy Jesus worshippers up the road.

Looks like the entire world can join the Petersens this year! ReallyWooly offers you and your family a chance to join the world's largest digital celebration of Jesus' birthday ever!



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