Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marker Weighs In on Swiss Revisions of Assisted Suicide Tourism.

Rita Marker, Wesley J. Smith's long-time side-kick, has got a few fears to monger about the Swiss government's recent comments regarding assisted suicide tourism there.

"Although many people think, 'Ah, the Swiss are getting with it. At least they're going to put some restrictions on,' it's not a done deal," she explains. "And in fact, there are three things going on: Two proposals to tighten up and put some restrictions on it, and the other one to force nursing homes to allow assisted suicide at the nursing homes."

Marker does not believe the Swiss are really worried about their international image.

"They're not really getting a bad rap," Marker notes. "I think people began to become aware of what they were allowing there and what was taking place there, and now they're trying to save face by putting on what they are going to call 'restrictions,' making it sound like they are tightening up the restrictions -- but really it's not really going to be that much."

It's a shite article from a religious publication that makes no bones about not reporting statistics and facts, just ideology. But watch the blogosphere and the aid in dying landscape for Marker to show up when a factless quote or two is necessary to further ignorance about a life and death issue.

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