Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stupak: I Don't Say It As A Threat.

Anti-choice LifeNews notes Stupak's demand that his amendment stay in the health care bill or he won't vote for it when it comes 'round for approval. Sounding like a Republican, Stupak said:

"We won because [the Democrats] need us," says Mr. Stupak. "If they are going to summarily dismiss us by taking the pen to that language, there will be hell to pay. I don't say it as a threat, but if they double-cross us, there will be 40 people who won't vote with them the next time they need us—and that could be the final version of this bill."

Well, about some things, Stupak knows what he is doing. He knows the Dems need to keep those 40 knuckleheads in the health care tent. What hell he intends to pay is what worries women.

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