Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Looking for Signs of What the USCCB will do.

In the past 20 hours, since the Hatch-Nelson bill was tabled in a 54-45 vote, I guess we've all been watching to see what the USCCB will do. They have repeatedly said that they will not support health care without a Stupak-like amendment.

Nevermind their repeated and untrue accusation that the health care bill will extract "blood money" from citizens to pay for abortion. Never mind their successful efforts to frame the Hyde amendment as a "neutral" position. Never mind false claims that the health care bill is now "biggest abortion funding since Roe." Perhaps Senators grasped the truth of the funding structure proposed by the bill.

What the bishops do now will be very interesting.

The USCCB site says nothing about how the bishops will proceed. Will they increase efforts to oppose health care reform? Or will they back down? Will they try to re-introduce a restrictive bill? I don't know if Senate rules will allow them. Regardless, this bill still has a long way to go.

According to Deacon Keith Fournier at, Catholics must now work to stop the health care bill. He writes this morning:

It is time for Catholic Action. Every US Senator must hear from us. We must insist that there is no room for “negotiation” when it comes to the use of Federal Tax dollars for the taking of innocent human life. Failure to amend this Bill will require that any proposed “Health Care Reform” be opposed by every American who knows that the child in the womb is our first neighbor. It is always and everywhere wrong to kill our neighbor. We cannot cooperate in material evil by allowing our tax dollars to be used to kill children.

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