Monday, December 14, 2009

May Lieberman Rot In Hell - Without A Doctor.

For obstructing health care reform for a compromise that he said he would support.
For arguing with bad conscience.
For not representing his constituents but rather his own self-importance.
For not doing enough homework to realize that the Medicare buy-in works.
For not waiting for the CBO report before making this decision.
For hamstringing not only his 59 "colleagues" but the country.
For pathetically threatening a filibuster.
For being on the wrong side of history.
For keeping his chairmanship when he should resign for ethical reasons.
For switching parties in name only.
And for condemning the rest of us to this hand-wringing on a bill that should not only have been enacted two decades ago but which is already so compromised that we'll spend the next twenty years trying to make it work right.

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