Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ObamaCare Will Require Classes on Euthanasia....

And you thought the scare mongering was over? Death panels the greatest lie of the year? Not so. Get a load of this "be very afraid" ad. While there is a valid point about "mission creep" when discussing Iraq or TARP, the attempt is to get you to believe that reforming health care will be detrimental to delivery in the US. It's the old tactic of calling the looniest voices on an issue out, then making their same claim with so-called reason. And the commercial is produced by none other than

I strongly oppose the current bill that has just passed the senate. There's no reform of a run-away, greedy industry that with the aid of government, the religious right, and the medical industry has for too long ignored patients' rights. I see some good in the bill but I see no necessary systemic reform.

What this ad does is confuse the medical care industry with

Information is not enforcement. Pro-life groups for years have been preventing access to services - but too to necessary information, claiming paternalistically that informed consent is a slippery slope. Beyond the fact that this claim is false, it is demeaning to paint every citizen as susceptible to "euthanasia" should they find out that it exists.

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