Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This American Life Assisted Suicide Segment.

Give it a listen. It's thoughtful and interesting and only the son's statement toward the end about who usually chooses aid in dying is a detraction (and erroneous statement) from the piece. Actually, those who choose to hasten their own deaths are, indeed, very much like his mother.

What he finds most difficult is that, because of laws, his mother had to die alone; and that she had to do it with a bag over her head.

Another point worth mentioning is that studies show that those who suffer the death of a loved one via aid in dying experience grief in very much the same way (or to a lesser degree) than those who die what some call "a natural death."

The clip begins at about 40:30 (but listen to the first one about grief if you've got the time!)

xo to Graciella for sending it to me!


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