Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tony Perkins Calls Louisiana.

From Jonathan Tilove at, an article about efforts by the Family Research Council to defeat health care reform. Makes you wonder about their tax exempt status and how they can so directly campaign against government legislation, no?

If you live in Louisiana and have a land line telephone, expect to get a call fromTony Perkins, the former state representative from Baker who is now president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council.

tony_perkins.JPGTony Perkins is president of the Family Research Council.

The automated call from Perkins, which FRC plans to place to every household in the state, will offer a tendentious rendition of the Senate health reform bill as a formula for higher taxes, rationing and euthanasia, and suggest if that doesn't sound good to you, you should call Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., and tell her to vote against it. The call will then, helpfully, provide Landrieu's office number.

The calls began this week and will run well into the new year, hoping to reach as many of the more the million households with landlines as possible.

"My finger's got blisters on it already,'' Perkins said Friday from his office in Washington. FRC released a part of the script in which Perkins says: "National health care changes being pushed by President Obama, Senator Reid, and Speaker Pelosi would institute rationing of medical care by an unelected board that can reject surgeries, drugs, or therapies which you or your loved ones may need. There are also great concerns about euthanasia. Do such documented facts make you want to stop changes to our health care system?"


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