Friday, January 15, 2010

Perry, Hutchison Vie for Texas Governor.

A report from Dallas News on their first debate which included a race to the bottom on women's rights and a great show of ignorance regarding state laws on end of life care. A third candidate, Debra Medina, a nurse, also participated.

"My record is one that always comes down on the side of life," Hutchison said Thursday night during the televised verbal bout at the University of North Texas. She said she voted against late-term abortions and federal funding for abortions.

Perry, seeking an unprecedented third four-year term, chided Hutchison for voting in favor of a nonbinding resolution supporting Roe v. Wade and noted she was once praised by an abortion rights group.

"The consistency issue is one I'm having trouble with, senator," he said.

Republican candidate Debra Medina also participated in the debate and appeared to be the only one of the trio familiar with the state's so-called futile care law, another issue important to anti-abortion groups.

The law gives families of some terminally ill patients 10 days notice before life support is cut off unless a court intervenes or the patient is moved. Texas Right to Life, disabled activists and others say they don't want medical officials making those decisions.

Medina, a registered nurse, said she sees its real-life effects and pressed Perry on why he hadn't repealed it. Neither he nor Hutchinson seemed familiar with the law.

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