Thursday, January 7, 2010

Texas Baptists Break from Denominational Doctrine.

Wilkyjr has a post at Talk2Action about the Southern Baptist of Texas continuing the break from traditional Baptist support of separation of church and state. Their agenda looks more theocratic than democratic. Here's a clip:

Ledbetter wants churches to get government funds for church outreach programs. When Civil Rights issues come into play on this charitable choice program, Gary wants government to look the other way. He thus believes tax money can be used to win converts and indoctrinate potential converts. He also demands that the government cannot have any strings attached in hiring practices with the use of government money. The convention seemed to like the idea of Rick Warren, a Baptist preacher, interviewing potential Presidential candidates. The interview of candidates by Warren was used by the Fundamentalist paper to attack Obama. The paper's candidate comparison carried only one issue, abortion. The position on abortion was determined to be the overriding moral issue in the 2008 campaign.

When church state separation groups grew concerned that the Bush administration was claiming to allow discrimination in hiring with the use of tax money, Fundamentalist Baptists became defensive. The "L" word was thrown at those who didn't like this new Bush policy. They were dismissed as just "liberals". The taking of any government money foir church programs is a radical departure from Baptist heritage. With such paths traveled ture Baptists must wonder if the name "Baptist" even fits here.

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