Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lancaster, CA, A Good Christian Community.

You heard the news last week about the California Mayor who declared his community Christian?

From Paliban Daily, a report on what God's plans are for Lancaster, CA:

The mayor of the sixth-largest city in Los Angeles County turned his state-of-the-city speech into a call to Christian repentance and growth as a “Christian community” as he supports a ballot measure to permit Christian prayer at City Council meetings.

Lancaster, CA is the sixth-largest city in Los Angeles County. Its population is about 150,000; not a bustling metropolis, but not a backwater burg, either. NBC Los Angeles reports that Mayor R. Rex Parris, presently up for re-election, veered from the expected subjects of his January 28 State of the City speech to urge citizens to support a local ballot measure.

Mayor R. Rex Parris

The measure? It’s available online here.

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