Monday, June 21, 2010

Patients' Rights for the Disabled.

More support for my advocacy for a Patients' Bill of Rights: a new report via BBC that polls doctors and nurses and finds that the mentally disabled receive compromised treatment.

Mencap's research - conducted by ICM among more than 1,000 doctors and nurses within the past month - also revealed 45% of doctors and a third of nurses had witnessed a patient with a learning disability being neglected or being denied their dignity.

Four out of 10 doctors and a third of nurses surveyed thought that people with learning disabilities were discriminated against in the NHS.

Despite decades of effort, the US still does not have a Patients' Bill of Rights, largely because medical associations (like the AMA), "pro-life" (Catholic and evangelical) organizations and the state (federal and state legislative systems) have all been reticent to cede control of medical care (or suffering!) to the patient.

Watch women's rights, elders' rights, LGBT rights, disability rights and medical marijuana activists and you'll find a diverse but uniquely talented group of advocates that, if allied, could challenge the existing discrimination inherent in our current health care delivery system.

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