Friday, May 1, 2009

Praise for Roos Arts!

Heige Kim hosted the inaugural exhibition at her new gallery, Roos Arts, in Rosendale, NY last weekend for a packed crowd. You can catch a brief review - and a plug for my upcoming reading on the 22nd, not the 23rd! - at under the headline, Things We Love to Look At.

Roos kicked into gear with a big-splash opening reception for its "Meet & Cake" inaugural exhibition last weekend, and will be highlighting works of enterprising artists from throughout the county in tightly curated shows geared toward visual discourse and creative inspiration for participating artists and audiences alike. The opening show, according to gallery director Heige Kim, is "a salon-style group show, which gathers friends who have influenced and inspired the founding artist of the space. The title references all the things that we love to discuss, look at, eat and share at a gathering of familiar and new faces."

Roos's upcoming schedule of exhibitions is ambitious and complementary to that of the region's best galleries, and includes upcoming creative writing readings on Fridays, May 8 and 23 - the latter featuring New York writer Ann Neumann. And the space itself, at 449 Main Street, is stunning.


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