Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care Crux.

The next few weeks will determine the future of the Democratic party.

Obama's poll numbers have dropped not because he's losing conservatives - he never had them - and not because he's losing independents - they're almost always on vacation, particularly in August - but because he has squandered the hopes and good will of the active, engaged liberals who donated money and worked their asses off to get him in office. Health care is doing it.

This centrist administration continues to make concessions on health care that will never win Republican votes. They ditched single payer before they even got out of the gate. Instead of frank talk, they are flat footed and slow with combatting all the lies and misconceptions. They came into reform unprepared. Their message is unheard amidst talk of death panels and euthanasia.

Right here and right now, this administration must ditch appeasement and get health care done. Or the massive mandate that Obama came into office with is gone for good, not just faded. And so too our economic, social and political viability as a leader on the world stage. We simply can't afford health care as it exists today.

I don't mean to be dramatic but if the Dems can't pull out health care in 2009 the party is fucking doomed in 2010. And beyond.


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