Friday, August 28, 2009

Wackos, Witches, and Whores: See the Difference Christ Makes?

A hearty thanks to Richard Bartholomew for alerting us to more wacky episodes in the incredible activities of Ron McRae and his Street Preachers Fellowship (SPF).

McRae, it seems, is a birther extraordinare, working to perpetuate the falsehood that President Obama was born in Kenya. He claims to have conducted an interview with Obama's grandmother that once-and-for-all proves that Obama is not legal president. Bartholomew, whom Official Street Preachers, a sub-organization, has called a "beer-guzzling liberal," writes:
The verses cited against “mixing of the races” in fact refer to stories in which foreign women led astray Israelite men into “idolatory”; the issue is not one of “race” but of religious purity. It is difficult to judge how far McRae pushes this doctrine of racial separation, although the church website also carries some articles which are password-protected for “members only”. The teaching does not appear in the extensive Articles of Faith section. It may or may not be a factor in his hatred for Obama....

McRae, a former Texas policeman who takes pride in his ability to antagonize cops until they illegally cart him away, then sue for his rights, is fond of long screeds studded with images from Martyrs' Mirror, the 1660s Anabaptist chronicle of martyrs since the time of Christ, that fill multiple sites and use words such as "howbeit" and "forsook." He is also the head of Anabaptists Churches of North America, an organization with supposed chapters in Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and other countries.
McRae has some violent, antiquated ideas about the role of women in society. In June, the organization descended on DC to protest the National Organization of Women (NOW) march. From an entry, titled "SPF Preachers Exhort the National Organization of Wackos, Witches, and Whores," on their blog (because it's just too good to not post):

The Street Preachers’ Fellowship traveled again to the Nation’s capital to preach to the NOW Parade of rebellious women, made up of 250,000 witches, whores, wackos and weight lifters who failed at being women. No commentary is needed to describe the ridiculous onslaught of failed feminism that marched through the streets of Washington, D.C. trying to be anything but a “Lady”.

“Take the millstones, and grind meal:uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh…Thy nakedness shall be uncovered,Yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance,And will not meet thee as a man…For thou shalt no more be called, The Lady.”- Isaiah 47:2-5

And while 99% of all the pastors in and around the nation’s capital did nothing, 250,000 of the liberal swine of female rebellion paraded down the middle of the streets of D.C., cursing, swearing, taking God’s name in vain, stripping their clothes off, and routinely smelling up the nation’s capital with their filthiness, whoredom and rebellion. With riot police in full body armour standing between, the SPF preachers confronted the mass of rebellious, loud mouthed riff raff that has produced the largest nation of sodomites the world has ever known.

The last time McRae and SPF made big news was when they protested the "Crescent of Embrace," the Flight 93 memorial designed for Shanksville, PA. McRae declared that the crescent was an Islamic symbol and that the memorial was being wrongly designed for the hijackers, not the victims. But McRae is an equal opportunity wrath warrior. He's demonstrated against, among others, Catholics, Mormons, gays, women, and Muslims.
If you can stomach it, check out their post on the death of Michael Jackson. And if you're yet in the mood for a little more irony, you can check out the rumor of McRae's child abuse.

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