Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weasels and Charlatans.

Randall Terry. If ever there was a zealot hell-bent on keeping women in their place and flouting the laws of the country, it would be the speaker of such shite:

"Our goal is to keep child-killing and euthanasia in the center of this debate until any vestige of taxpayers’ paying for murder is gone."

Facts nor the health of the public figure into Terry's odd world of hatred, distortion, and grotesquery. On the 25th, Terry was ejected from a Town Hall meeting where Howard Dean and representative Moran were speaking for disrupting the event. The above quote comes from a press release announcing his current 5 state tour.

Now we find, via Jill Stanek (no slacker when it comes to distortion and restriction of women's rights - and yes, I link to her site because the more readers see how crazy she is, the better) and the LA Times that Terry's not the most popular screamer on the anti-choice block. Seems his tactics are causing some dissention among the pictures-of-dead-babies brigade.

Troy Newman, a one-time protoge in Terry's army of deluded, is Director of Operation Rescue West and now fighting Terry for use of the organization's name - and the funding that it captures for the fight against women's rights.

How bad is the rift? Terry calls Newman a weasel. Newman calls Terry a charlatan. Newman, in his vitriol, resorted to the c-word! When anti-choicers accuse others of being cultists, you know the war is on.

"Randall is articulate and convincing," Newman said from Wichita, KS. "But so are used-car salesmen and cult leaders. He is not a true believer but a charlatan, and a manipulator.... He shows up at a national event, makes a flamboyant speech, gets everyone within earshot rattled and then passes the collection plate and moves on."

This is a battle over tactics and money, not God's word.

UPDATE: Adele Stan gets the word out at alternet. Thanks for the shout-out!


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