Thursday, September 3, 2009

Atoning for the Sins of Others.

Yesterday my computer gave up the ghost, whose name, as it turns out, is Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger.

The screen looked just fine but behind the usual desktop facade lurked the evil intent of a virus, a couple of worms and some phishing scams about to obscond with my identity. I usually like my evil to be tangible: a burglar, an infestation of bugs, an untimely bill with an upcoming due date, a kaput transmission. These little unseen destroyers of my internet life were cunning and hard to eradicate.

Yet, nothing a few hours, buckets of sweat, and some anxious conversation with a Norton specialist couldn't solve. Now I'm back to plucking away at the keys, my four year old vaio better than ever. Whatever they say about the redemption of suffering....

The great news is that I got to watch the oral hearings in the Baxter v Montana appeal case to their conclusion before the crash came. Proof that the ghost wasn't so undiscerning or completely devious. Expect a full recap of the oral hearings in a few hours.

In the meanwhile, otherspoon is back.



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