Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Height of All Self-Importance: 9.11 Catholics Against Obama Care Campaign

Surely it's a sad joke. Of course no one would try to usurp September 11th, a day when we mourn those who died in Manhattan, to prevent 50 million Americans from having health care coverage?
From one of my favorite "Catholic Moms," this trite, self-absorbed, dramatic, and untruthful "grass roots movement!" to end the impending horrors and destruction of:
*health care coverage for all
*lower insurance payments for struggling families and business
*decreased bankruptcies due to health crisis
*more affordable and accessible health care and reproductive services for women
*reduced burden of health care costs on the government
*reigned-in unnecessary testing, treating and medicating as perpetuated by a profit-driven industry
*greater choice for seniors of how they die
*return of health decisions to the patient and doctor from profit driven corporations
*Americans laughing at and not taking John Voight or Mike Huckabee seriously
Yes, let's dedicate September 11 to the continued destruction of our moral, social, and ethical fabric?! To our economic downfall?! To lies and slander and theocracy?! And to the diminisment of our personal rights?!

For the rational I refute this one sentence (because the wacky text below will make any other points for me): Rosemary Bogdon quotes Jean Heimann: "Mandated abortion, health care rationing, and euthanasia are not health care."
Indeed! And thankfully, there is no such thing in any of the proposed health care bills. Such nonsense is pure partisan fear mongering perpetuated by the power-and-money motivated and the wilfully stupid.
Abortion is currently covered by 83% of insurance companies. Abortion is never mandated, in fact, because the right to abortion is based on a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body. Duh.
Health care is certainly rationed when 50 million Americans are kept without it and corporations make their decisions based on profit. That's what opponents of health care reform want. They say they don't want rationing and what they mean is they don't want the poor, ill, infirm, and disabled to have equal access to health care services.
A senior's decision to not have extreme, artificial treatments to prolong their death is their right. Euthanasia is illegal in the US. Death with Dignity is legal in Oregon, Washington, and Montana - a patient must be diagnosed as terminal, mentally sound, and must self-administer the medication. Death with Dignity is not end of life counseling. And that section of the bill, article 1233, has unfortunately been removed from reform anyhow.

Catholics Against Obama Care!!!
Beloved Catholic blogger
Jean Heimann of Catholic fire has started a grassroots movement called
Catholics Against Obama Care

Today Jean has sent out the following press release:
Catholics Against Obama Care set September 11 as Day of Prayer and Fasting for defeat of Health Care Reform

For Immediate Release

(September 8, 2009) Catholics Against Obama Care is calling Catholics as well as those of other denominations to participate in a day of prayer and fasting on September 11, 2009, for the special intention that Obama health care reform be defeated.

Catholics Against Obama Care acknowledges that Catholic Church has always advocated health care reform; but Obamacare, as delineated in the HR-3200 Bill, is not health care -- it is death care. Mandated abortion, health care rationing, and euthanasia are not health care. Obamacare is government control over people's lives and, as Jon Voight points out the removal of a person's free will. Voight said in an interview on Fox News with Mike Huckabee, "They're taking away God's first gift to man -- our free will and no man no matter what his title, even if he's president of the United States, has the consent of God to decide he's God."
I'm not sure what free will Jean Heimann is referring to when she obviously doesn't believe in religious freedom, personal autonomy, or individual rights.

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