Sunday, October 25, 2009

End of Life, The Novel.

Doctor and pastor Jeff Gordon has written a novel that addresses end of life choices called A Death Prolonged. At his website,, Gordon writes:

The Human Cost: Death Prolonged

Most elderly people suffer needlessly at the end of their lives because education about end-of-life care is sorely lacking. Today’s high-tech medical care can sustain life, but fails to restore quality of life for many. The result: death prolonged.

The Social Cost: Futile care funded, preventive care neglected

The other critical issue is the astronomical cost of end-of-life care. We spend about thirty percent of Medicare resources on the last year of life and about fifty percent of that in the last two months. In 2008 that was $68 billion spent on the last two months of life. Tragically, in most cases, that expense is worse than waste. That type of care prolongs suffering and provides little hope for quality life.

On the other hand, people delay or decline basic health care because they have inadequate financial means and many preventable conditions go unchecked.

His hope is to educate readers about the dangers of resuscitation and not planning for end of life care and to encourage them to write living wills and durable powers of attorney.

Read more about the book and the author at ColumbusDispatch.

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