Friday, October 9, 2009

Richard Hughes and the Kingdom of God.

Richard Hughes, author of Christian America and the Kingdom of God, talks about the Anabaptists, nationalism, Jim Wallis, health care reform, and the Texas Board of Education in a new interview at TheChurchofJesusChrist:

No nation, including the United States, can ever become the kingdom of God, simply because, as Reinhold Niebuhr taught us many years ago (MORAL MAN AND IMMORAL SOCIETY), all institutions, including all nations, are inevitably driven by self-interest. At the same time, I would hope that our people and our leaders could allow the biblical vision of the kingdom of God to inform both domestic and foreign policy. In other words, my dream for the United States is for a country that nurtures peace and pursues justice, especially for the least of these. But in order to achieve that dream, we have a very on long way to go.



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