Sunday, October 18, 2009

Voter Suppression: ObamaCare is Designed to Kill Republicans.

Last Thursday I noted the evolution of the theory that Obama's "promotion" of end of life planning, deemed state-encouraged euthanasia by opponents, is an attempt by the administration to kill off old Republicans.

I found the story at SultanKnish, written by David Greenfield, but it was also posted at Canada Free Press, whose tagline is "Because without America there is no Free World." It has since been picked up by other sites, either in concept or in full text. We may have a new meme.

Others have recently called for the killing of Republicans, namely Garrison Keillor (this is what he really wrote, tongue in cheek, I would imagine) and New York grafitti artists, but the Obama administration? Sure. For votes!

Everyone knows that the elderly are predominantly white and predominantly Republican. Eliminate them and the young Obama voters get their way.

Keep an eye on this "persecuted Republican" meme, which I would classify as an extension of the "persecuted Christian" claim.

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