Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking The Hits: Anti-Choicers Respond.

I was kind of asking for it, wasn't I? A few things you should know about me, from reader reactions at JillStanek to my recent AlterNet article. Like the fact that I am a confirmed racist slut.

And I thought they would be upset about the cross-stitch comments and the potato.
I don't think I've ever read an article where I thought so little of a writer's personality than I do after reading this Alternet piece by Ann Neumannwho went "undercover" to the PA Pro-Life Federation's annual conference. It's amazing how her snideness drips out of this. After having to endure the presence of pro-lifers whose fashion sense wasn't up to her New York standards, she exits in a cowardly fashion after briefly asserting her belief in cultural relativism with a retired woman


The alternet piece was choice. I love religion writers who are athiests. I also love her smugness at asserting how "fringe" we are. Pray tell, what was so horrific at anything she reports as said at that conference? I guess the certitude that life is precious is what she thinks is so ridiculous.

However, Neumann unintentionally reveals something very profound about her life and sin. What shakes her faith, and renders her on her godless path she now espouses? The premarital sex in college. That forbidden fruit, that loss of holy innocence, leads her down the road further and further from the Truth. There but for the grace of God go I.


As much as I enjoy sex, even the premarital sort I once had in college(oh my!)-I'm afraid I didn't find it to be so wonderful as to set it as the centerpiece of my life and world view. Once again, a case of grossly misplaced priorities rules the day.

Although, I don't think this one is so much in thrall of the sex as she seems to be challenging her established societal norms and moral boundaries with which she grew up. And she's 40 years old? How immature.


I realized I didn't phrase my end well. I do not support premarital sex. I think it is morally (as well as socially and personal development-wise) wrong. The "there but for the grace of God..." is more referring to what I almost did and did do before marriage with my now-wife, and what we both wish we hadn't, and knowledge that I could have easily fallen to the same trap that she did.

But I think we both latched on the money quote:

"When I found sex, at the seemingly late age of 20 in a university dorm room to the tunes of Led Zeppelin, all my absolute ideas about religion, moral certitude and God's jurisdiction over my body went right out the open window."

There is a great emotional immaturity in that line that seems to persist to this day.


I understand what you were getting at, Michael, I just don't agree. I think this woman would be reprehensible in some other area of her life if her parents thought premarital sex was a-ok. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with it under certain conditions, but I didn't do it just to get a rise out of others, I did it for myself and my relationship. This woman is foolish beyond words to have seemingly chosen her values and life philosophy according to how much it would piss off her parents. Screwing up yourself to spite others is the height of stupidity.

(article title at AlterNet was written by editors.)



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