Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Calling Out "Abortion Neutral" Rhetoric.

Catholic bishops are not uneducated, uninformed men.

Today Frederick Clarkson has an article warning us about how Hyde has become "abortion neutral." You must read the article.

And a quote from Cardinal DiNardo blatantly uses that standard to criticize the Senate for defeating Nelson, though he hypocritically gets funding wrong. If the Catholic Church can receive funds from the federal government for social services that may not be used for religious purposes and keep the money straight, how come the health care bill and the federal government isn't given the same expectation?

Clearly, it's because they are getting what they want. They are pushing back public perception of abortion. They have instilled in us that Hyde is acceptable. They will continue their push to apply Catholic doctrine to women's health care access. This isn't about protection of public money from abortion usage. This is about slowly and gradually working toward their objective: the eradication of abortion. The Catholic church is a very patient body.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the new chairman of the bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, also spoke up about the Nelson amendment loss.

“Congress needs to separate facts and truth from political rhetoric on abortion funding. Even our opponents claim they do not support federal funding for elective abortions and they want current restrictions to apply," he said.

"The way to settle this often misleading debate is simply, clearly and explicitly to apply Hyde restrictions to all the federal funds in the legislation. That is what the House did and what the final bill must do. The Senate should not approve this bill in its current form," he added.

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