Thursday, December 10, 2009

DeMint and the "Pro-Life" Agenda.

Check out this interview with Senator Jim DeMint on what the health care bill will cover. He rings the "euthanasia"/assisted suicide bell and talks about the "animosity" this administration shows to a "pro-life" agenda.

His logic would be just fine if there were some facts behind it. His willingness to compromise human rights of his constituents and all Americans is stunning. And religious. And the nonchalance he takes with my reproductives rights should be shaming. He's not speaking for his wife and daughters who have the ability to no manage their health in a way that opposes their conscience. He wants to tell all others what to believe and how to act.

The very simple premise here is this: DeMint and fellow "pro-life" individuals, Senators, Representatives, and activists, claim religious freedom and moral superiority (see the interview at Religion Dispatches today on moral talk) and they want us all to be subject to them.

He assumes that because the "pro-life" segment of society is unwilling to stop at anything less than their moral/religious line, that the Democrats are too. I very much wish he were right.

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