Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inane Paragraph of the Week:

Stan Transue at the increasingly worthless Examiner could use a couple lessons in history, the constitution, economics, and maybe logic. Read the whole article at your own risk! But here's the nasty clip I couldn't let go by without a flipping bird and a host of foul language:

Since no one wants to pay more taxes, they must be tricked into doing so. The purveyors of social debt often justify themselves by advancing the notion of “rights.” As if those defined in the Constitution are somehow incomplete, opportunists in Washington advocate additional rights like, “the Consumer’s Bill of Rights;” the “Employees Bill of Rights;” the Patient’s Bill of Rights; and a host of other special “rights” legally secured by laws designed to protect specific minority groups against a purportedly abusive society.

Yup, just so you get that: the consumers', employees', and patients' bill of rights are all tricks used by the government to get you to pay more taxes.

These rights are defined in the constitution; minorities do require protection from abuse and discrimination; and the need for corporate regulation - which has been proven over the past decade as not only helpful to individuals but to our economy on the whole - cannot be denied.

Proves anybody can write any kind of rubbish bullshit and get it published. The more krap that comes my way from the examiner, the more I fear for their consciences and credibility. There's no responsibility in this type of writing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for helping to bring people to my articles.

Since we are taking comments out of context, here's one of yours: "These rights are defined in the constitution..."

And this is my point. If the rights are already defined all we need do it enforce them. We don't need another opportunisitc, costly layer of bureaucracy designed for the sole upurpose of diluting what we already have.

I can only assume that since you argue against my perspective you actually want more taxes, bigger govenment and less individual liberty and economic self-determination.

Now that is some "rubbish bullshit" being published. By the way, why not grow a pair and comment on my articles at Examiner instead of hiding on your obscure little blog?

Have a nice day.

Stan Transue

August 1, 2010 at 5:38 AM  
Blogger Ann Neumann said...

Well, it took you a while to come around to my site, Stan. I never posted at the Examiner because I know your readership and because I never felt there was enough original content in your article to warrant a discussion. I was simply pointing out your bifurcated view of the world. Either we agree with you or we believe in big government and the end of economic self-determination. Geesh. So how are you going to solve social ills in the country? Wish them away? Only government, when held accountable, has the resources and structure to tackle health care, poverty, education. After all, they are too forms of protection, what our government exists for.

August 5, 2010 at 7:56 AM  
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