Friday, January 15, 2010

Forced Pregnancy The Next TARP.

It's an old ruse. But one that continues to exhaust itself - on itself. "Pro-life" groups have a long history of trying to prove that their opposition to abortion has nothing to do with their religious ideology but everything to do with the secular benefits of forcing women to have babies against their will.

Such arguments only work for a community that is accustomed to believing in things unseen. If you don't look at the proof that women have better quality of lives when they make their own reproductive decisions, you don't have to see them. And if you're lame understanding of the economy let's you posit that forced pregnancies are the next TARP for the economy - who among your converted is going to point out the ignorance?

You'd think that efforts to prove opposition to abortion isn't religious would have died away by now but no. And why should they? Even the Supreme Court has upheld discriminatory laws like the Hyde Amendment on grounds of "privacy" and not religious discrimination against women.

I come to this issue again via a completely silly article at lifenews by Mychal Massie in which he writes that more babies in the US economy means more workers, more consumers, an economic recovery!

Someone needs to sit him down with an Economics 101 book. He's got no "where do jobs come from" logic on.

In fact, abortion may play a key factor in fixing our nation's current economic crisis. Consumer spending is the dominant facet of our economy. With the economy needing a boost and job creation jolted, a baby is a true stimulus plan.

Forget TARP and the Keynesian spending schemes promoted by the Obama Administration. A baby necessitates diapers, toys, food, books, clothing and more. Meeting those needs creates jobs in the manufacturing and service sectors. Children also create jobs in the medical and educational sectors.

When they grow up, babies supplement the labor force - promoting the "circle of life." At a time when our nation relies on an influx of legal and illegal immigrants, it's illogical to promote population control.

It's also an issue of quality, and not just quantity.

As the late economist Julian Simon noted: "In the long run, the most important economic effect of population size and growth is the contribution of additional people to our stock of useful knowledge."

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