Thursday, January 28, 2010

Separate Church and 8.

Calling for enforcement of the Establishment clause in the Proposition 8 trial - that legislated religious opposition to same-sex marriage is unconstitutional - demonstrators in Utah chanted "separate church and 8" outside the building where a new documentary about the Mormon Church's participation in the California Proposition 8 bill that outlaws gay rights to marriage.

The film, called "8: The Mormon Proposition," had been expected to be among the most controversial to screen during the Sundance Film Festival this year, and a demonstration had seemed likely for some time. It was unclear until Sunday, though, whether another group in support of the California ballot measure would also make an appearance outside the Racquet Club during the premier.

The demonstrators on Sunday chanted the slogan "Separate church and 8," a play on the phrase "separation of church and state." They held signs with the same slogan. The demonstrators were in earshot of the people heading to the film. There did not appear to be anybody from Park City or surrounding Summit County standing with the demonstrators, who seemed to be primarily from the Salt Lake Valley or elsewhere in Utah.

Rick Bickmore, who is gay and from Salt Lake City, said he would like to be married someday and he was disappointed when the ballot measure passed in 2008, even as he said his sister, a Californian, voted for the proposition.

"Our idea here is to be here with dignity," Bickmore said.

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