Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fundraising on Fears of Health Care.

In my inbox today, a call for donations from the Catholic Advocate president Deal Hudson. Boy, the health care scare must be good for collections! I'm always talking about how organized and prepared and funded the groups who are fighting to limit women's right to patients' rights are and here is a look at how they round up their resources.

By acting like the new bill will expand federal funding of abortion (a phrase that exists only in their minds: the Hyde amendment specifically - and discriminatorily - limits abortion funding in Medicaid, and the prohibition of funding for abortion in health care for government employees wasn't enacted until 2005), they've got the "pro-life" groups around the country rabid with fear that they're losing their game under our new "socialist" president. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As women move from private health care plans or as women receive government subsidy for their health care insurance, the new guidelines will require new and excessive payment obstacles for women with plans that cover abortion. Currently 87% of women have plans that cover abortion services. The new health care bill is an enormous set back. It says that women have no right to their own consciences. It says that they can't be trusted to make their own decisions about their families and reproductive health.

It says that women are not equal in society and must be told how to act. Deal Hudson plans to tell them.

Dear Friend,

At Catholic Advocate we are committed to the cause of preserving the Sanctity of Life from conception until natural death. We know that there is an army of Catholics working tirelessly at the local level, devoting prayer and action to saving the lives of millions of children per year. We believe it is our mission to provide a vibrant community where those on the ground can get up-to-the minute information on the impact of their work in Washington and on a national level. We also believe that it is our mission to provide a strong, national voice to those who understand how important it is to preserve the lives of the most innocent in our society. Faithful Catholics MUST speak out and be heard on candidates, on issues, on legislation...and on their Church!

Our mission needs your support. In order to be effective advocates and to provide quality resources for grassroots Catholic activists, we count on the generosity of our members and supporters.

Your online donation of $25, $50, $100 or $500 will help us grow to become the resource and voice the Catholic grassroots community deserves - the resource that will help committed Catholics to actively participate in the political process and help them support elected officials and policies that remain consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Your donation goes to support strong initiatives that are bringing Catholic issues to the forefront in Washington DC and in our own Catholic hierarchy. Just this week, Catholic Advocate kicked off a major pro-life push that, when accomplished, will provide grassroots pro-life advocates with the financial and personal support they so desperately need.

On Monday, Catholic Advocate called upon the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to establish a National Collection for Life. On Monday, Catholic Advocate President Deal W. Hudson and Vice President Matt Smith delivered a personal letter to Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities and Bishop Kevin Farrell (Dallas), Chairman of the Committee on National Collections, asking that the USCCB dedicate monies received in church collections the Sunday before the annual March for Life to national pro-life activities. This collection would provide a huge financial boost to grassroots pro-life efforts nationwide by expanding the resources of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities. This will open up fantastic opportunities to promote the sanctity of life at all stages.

Without the help of our community, such an initiative is not possible. DONATE TODAY to be part of a bright future!


Deal W. Hudson, President, Catholic Advocate

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