Friday, April 16, 2010

Tobin Removes Hospital From CHA Network

In a well-known rift during the health care debate, the Catholic Health Association supported the bill, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops did not. Now Bishop Thomas Tobin has removed a Providence Rhode Island hospital, St. Joseph's Health Services, from the CHA network, proving the power that ultra-conservative bishops have over localized health care delivery. Tobin's called St. Joseph's affiliation with CHA "embarassing." You can read the entire story at HuffPo.

Tobin's famous for his condemnation of Catholic legislators who don't toe the increasingly conservative doctrinal line. Last summer he had a very public spat with Representative Kennedy over Kennedy's stance on abortion, saying that the legislator should refrain from taking communion and examine his faith.

According to the article, only one other hospital has broken with CHA since the health care debate. The name of that hospital has not been released.

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