Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guns, Death with Dignity, and Moral Equivalency.

Tell me this: What's the difference between giving an elderly or disabled person a gun specifically designed for their use or giving them a lethal prescription for drugs? Either way, the licensed (and Medicaid-reimbursed) "object" can cause death of the prescribed person or others.

I would say no difference whatsoever, except for how we view personal autonomy with regards to the two lethal "objects." And the horrors of physical violence perpetrated by gun deaths. If I read one more website comment that says, "why legalize aid in dying when the determined ill patient can just end their life without approval?" I'm going to puke.

Where's Wesley J. Smith and his arguments for moral equivalency when you need him?!

The intended target market for the Palm Pistol is the elderly, the disabled, and individuals with limited strength or manual dexterity. [10] Carmel’s hope was for individuals in the target market to be able to request a prescription for the product from their physicians and be partially reimbursed by Medicare or private insurance. [11]

Matt Carmel is an NRA certified firearms instructor in New Jersey and learned that many of his clients had little experience shooting a gun. He observed that they were unable to keep the muzzle of their pistols steady, causing their shots to be inaccurate. He also found that beginning shooters have a tendency to shake because of a fear of recoil, fear of noise, and general apprehension in handling firearms. [12]

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