Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here Comes the Handbasket.

Update 7.13: I'm not completely batshit, right?! People are still hoping for Hillary in Denver, big influential people with money n'all.

The New York Times reports today that Obama's donors aren't jumping to help clear up some of Hillary Clinton's debt. The article goes into some of the reasons why, like distaste in many mouths for Mark Penn's smear tactics (his fees make up a bulk of those outstanding debts) and that the Clinton's aren't working hard enough to bring their voters around.

And you thought the campaign was over??

Obama voted no on the FISA bill today. He'staken a beating, particularly among the netroots folks, his original supporters, for voting for this compromise bill which grants immunity to telecoms who unlawfully gave personal information to the government. He originally opposed this bill but the speculation is that he chose to vote for it to appear strong on terrorism. Republicans, some Obama supporters say, would rip a hole in him for being weak on terror if he voted no.

His vote for FISA is a grave error. He should have taken a stronger approach, talking to the public about his opposition, explaining a bill like FISA and our need as a nation to restore the constitution.

More than 15,000 Obama supporters (of which I am one) have joined a group on his website to try to persuade him to vote no. For weeks this has been the preeminent liberal issue on the web, with Obama rightfully taking flack for his change of position. Ah, said Clinton, a hole.

The Clinton campaign - and I'm getting the feeling that it is still a campaign, suspended and not conceded - has spent a lot of time today bragging about their candidate's no vote on FISA and doing so on liberal websites. Of course no one knows how she would have voted were she the (obliterate Iran) nominee.

Over at DailyKos there's a big stink about Clinton's (still employed) web advisor posting her FISA vote statement on the site. Why post her position on a liberal site that would have nothing to do with her during the campaign but has been vocal about Obama's wrong stance on FISA? Biden didn't. Kerry didn't.

If Clinton isn't still gunning for Denver, which I wouldn't put past her, she's gunning to undermine the candidate and make another bid in 2012. Call it silly, call it paranoid, but I don't see Clinton giving up now.

Practically every European I came across while traveling asked me if I thought Hillary Clinton would be the next president. "No," I would tell surprised inquirers. "She's too divisive."

She's still too divisive. And if there's a scramble in Denver (for which she has already retained a lawyer), there's no way we'll win against McCain in November. No fucking way.

Obama's vote on FISA is shameful. His recent positions on gun control, the death penalty and faith-based initiatives have been inexcusable. On the whole, the past month of his campaign has been a disaster.

But he's the only hope we have to get the Republicans out of office in November. The Democratic party, inexplicably still in shambles after two Bush terms, needs to realize this. The Clinton's need to get in line and Obama needs to get his head out of his suddenly centrist ass. This isn't about personality any more.



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