Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uganda to Drop Death Penalty for Being Gay.

From Queerty:

After international media attention and criticism of the American religious leaders and politicians involved in Uganda's proposed "kill the gays" bill, lawmakers there are planning on dropping the death penalty and life imprisonment punishments.

That's according to Uganda's Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo (pictured), who's backed the persecution of Uganda's gays. Why the changes? "To attract the support of religious leaders who are opposed to these penalties, Buturo said today in a phone interview from the capital, Kampala." That's according to Bloomberg's Fred Ojambo.

So what type of punishment for being gay will the bill include? Thus far, it's unclear. But expect some ex-gay-style reparative therapy up in this bitch: "In addition to formulating punishments for the gay people, the bill will also promote counseling to help 'attract errant people to acceptable sexual orientation,' said Buturo."

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