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Top 50 Hospice, Elder Care Blogs.

The Health Herald blog has done us a favor by listing their pick of the top 50 hospice and elder care blogs:

General Hospice Care Blogs

1714014071_9a879f4c93Get a general idea of what hospice care is all about, and learn more about your options and the possibilities.

  1. Hospice Blog: This offers information on hospice care, and the fight for quality care.
  2. Hospice Physician’s Blog: Learn about hospice and how it works from a doctor working in the field.
  3. Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog: Hospice practices, insights, research, news and issues.
  4. Hospice and Caregiving Blog: News, information and more surrounding hospice care, as well as information for caregivers.
  5. Home Care Law Blog: This blog focuses on legal issues surrounding home hospice care.
  6. Alive Hospice Blog: Learn more about hospice care and end of life issues from a hospice provider.
  7. Hospice: Learn more about hospice care, and what goes into it, as well as what to expect.
  8. Life as a Hospice Patient: This is an interesting firsthand account of a hospice patient, and what hospice care means to her.
  9. Compton Hospice: Get a view of hospice care from a British perspective.

Elder Care Blogs

Find out about senior living, and how hospice care can fit into the picture. These blogs also include information about finding hospice care and making the most of it.

  1. AARP: Read the blog from the AARP, including coverage of issues related to health care, hospice care and end of life.
  2. Eldercare ABC Blog: Learn about the essentials of elder care, and find valuable resources and support.
  3. Elder Care Diary: Keep up with the day to day activities of a family involved in elder care.
  4. ElderCare Expert: Get useful insights and helpful hints from someone who has been involved in senior care for a long time.
  5. The New Old Age: A look at the way we age in these modern times. An interesting look at hospice, assisted living and other related issues.
  6. Senior Care Blog: Learn about issues associated with aging, as well as elder health, and information on long term home care.
  7. Choosing Elder Care: A review of different options in elder care, and helpful information and resources.
  8. Elder Care Blog: Learn about issues that come up in elder care, as well as issues relating to end of life.

Death Care Blogs

Get insight into the end of life process, and learn about how hospice care can fit into this.

  1. Death Care Law Blog: Keep up with what your rights are in end of life, and find information about pre-need issues.
  2. Death Care Law: Another interesting legal blog focusing on death issues.
  3. How We Die: An interesting look at stories from people regarding death, and how we view death as a society.
  4. Medical Futility Blog: Get a tongue in cheek look at the issues — judicial, legislative and political — surrounding the end of life.
  5. The Good Death: Bringing about death with dignity, and a look at how society deals with death.
  6. Death Care: Looks at issues surrounding death, as well as provides resources to help you make more informed decisions.

Pain Management Blogs

One of the important functions of hospice care is to provide pain management. Read about different options and treatments, as well as additional information on palliative care.

  1. Palliative Care: This blog focuses on pain management, as well as easing some of the other symptoms often associated with the approach of life’s end.
  2. GeriPal: This blog focuses on palliative care and pain management in the elderly. Offers helpful posts and insight into different medicinal options.
  3. Pallimed: A look at the role palliative care plays in the way hospice care handles end of life.
  4. Palliative Care Success: Explores the successes seen in pain management and symptom control as part of hospice care.
  5. Pain Management Blog: Focuses on different advances in pain management.
  6. Chronic Pain Management: Learn how to deal with chronic pain, and help others deal with it.
  7. St. Christopher’s Blog: Malcolm Payne: This blog is offered up by St. Christopher’s Hospice in London, and provides insight into palliative care and social care for end of life.
  8. Palliative Care Bulletin: Get the latest news alerts about end of life care.

Nursing Home Blogs

While not exactly hospice care, nursing homes can provide many of the same services. Learn about different nursing home options and possibilities, as well as preparation for long-term care.

  1. My Better Nursing Home: Get an idea of what better nursing home care could look like, and how we might be able to get there.
  2. My Elder Advocate: This blog deals mostly with issues related to nursing homes, and your rights with regard to them.
  3. The Nursing Home Administrator: Get an insider’s view of how a nursing home is run from a nursing home administrator in Indiana.
  4. Jonathon Rosenfeld’s Nursing Homes Abuse Blog: This blog focuses on nursing home abuses, and shows you how you can get better care from your nursing home.
  5. South Carolina Nursing Home Blog: News and information related to nursing homes, especially those in South Carolina.

Caregiver Blogs

Being a caregiver for someone approaching their end of life can be difficult. Learn about others’ experiences and find sources of strength and support.

  1. Caregiver List: Helpful information on where to find information about different facilities, training and other items.
  2. Inside Elder Care: Get a firsthand look at caring for others. This blog is written by someone who is caring for his aging mother.
  3. Lasting Tribute: This isn’t just about the elderly. You can leave stories and messages about anyone who has died. But the blog includes plenty of interesting stories from caregivers and others.
  4. Risa’s Pieces: Learn about what it’s like to be a hospice caregiver from this compassionate professional.
  5. Caring for Aging Parents: Learn about how you can cope with caring for aging parents, and find support as well as answers to your questions.
  6. Caregiver Support Blog: Find support in your position as caregiver, and read about others.
  7. The Caregiver’s Blog: Learn about being a caregiver and find support from others in a similar position.
  8. Caregiving: Tips and hints for caregivers, especially those who are caring for people with Alzheimer’s.

Nurse Blogs

Get professional insight from health care professionals who have some experience with end of life.

  1. Dethmama Chronicles: Follow the adventures of this end of life nurse. Includes some funny insights and more.
  2. Midwife for the End-of-Life: Get accounts of what it’s like to be a nurse caring for those who are near death.
  3. code blog: This nurse shares her experience as an ICU nurse, as well as insights on end of life.
  4. River of Life: Notes of a Hospice Nurse: This video offers a look into life as a hospice nurse.
  5. A Hospice Nurse’s Story: This post on from the Center to Champion Nursing in America offers a poignant look at what it’s like to care for others in a hospice setting.
  6. Minnesota HomeCare Association’s Nurse Consultant BLOG: Get an idea of what is going on in the world of home care nursing.

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Anonymous Jared Porter said...

Thanks for the shout-out! We at Alive Hospice hope your readers will visit the Alive Hospice Blog, keep coming back and share their thoughts!

Thank you for highlighting blogs that focus on such important matters.

January 18, 2010 at 2:58 PM  
Blogger Ann Neumann said...

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Blogger Ann Neumann said...

Hi Alena, Caring for the Elderly at home,

Thanks for coming by and for letting me know you're here! Your encouragement is always welcome - and your comments! Ann

February 5, 2010 at 5:45 AM  
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