Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This Man Is An Elected Official in Virginia?!

You may not yet have heard about Eugene Delgaudio, an elected official on the board of supervisors in Louden County, Virginia. But the gay community has had to listen to his hideous hatred for more than a decade. He won reelection as recently as 2007. I'm on the GOPUSA mailing list and the nastiness below came by my inbox today. Beware. It's a hideous mass that I post for one reason: only awareness can kill discrimination and hatred this deep.

Some extra reading for you, if like me, you're in shock that someone with this resume can hold elected office:

Kyle at RightWingWatch, 2010.
Dana Milbank at the Washington Post, 2005.
The Corner, National Review Online, 2005.
Michael Laris, Washington Post, 2002.

You see, the Radical Homosexuals are storming through Washington demanding passage of their agenda.

And with the passage of Thought Control last year, they say NOW is the time to push their perverse "life-style" on every man, women and child in America.

And they insist YOU actually support them.

The Homosexual Lobby played a major role in electing Obamaand the majorities he enjoys in both houses of Congress.

I can only begin to imagine all the damage the Radical Homosexuals will do with their allies controlling the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House.

As the President of Public Advocate of the U.S., I've devoted twenty-seven years to battling the radical homosexuals in Washingtone.

Backed by Hollywood celebrities, the media and millions of your tax dollars, the Radical Homosexuals have many Congressmen quivering with fear -- and they have a Radical Homosexual-friendly majority in control of Congress.

That is why pro-family Senators and Congressmen are counting on me to find out if you really support the Gay Bill of Special Rights and homosexual marriage as the radical homosexuals claim.

Frankly if you really do support the radical Homosexual Agenda -- or if you just no longer care enough to stand up for the family -- insiders in Congress say the entire Homosexual Agenda could pass in a matter of months.
*** Special job rights for homosexuals and lesbians. Businesses may have to adopt hiring quotas to protect themselves from lawsuits. Every homosexual fired or not hired becomes a potential federal civil rights lawsuit.

Radical homosexuals will terrorize day care centers, hospitals, churches and private schools. Traditional moral values will be shattered by federal law.

*** Same-sex marriages and adoptions. Wedding-gown clad men smooching before some left-wing clergy or state official is just the beginning.

You'll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to "pick out" a little boy for themselves.

*** Homosexual advocacy in schools. Your children or grandchildren will be taught homosexuality is moral, natural and good. High school children will learn perverted sex acts as part of "safe sex" education.

With condoms already handed out in many schools, Radical Homosexuals will have little trouble adopting today's "if it feels good do it" sex-ed curriculum to their agenda.
And to add insult to injury, lobbyists for the Homosexual Agenda are paid off with your tax dollars!

That's right, radical homosexual groups like the Gay-Lesbian Task Fo! rce and ACT-UP receive millions from the government.

Hundreds of millions of dollars flow from taxpayers to homosexual activists through funding for homosexual "art," so-called AIDS-awareness programs, and research grants.

And yet, Public Advocate receives absolutely no taxpayer assistance. My small office of volunteers and low-paid staffers are making quite a sacrifice to defend America's morals and values.

But hard work is not enough. Items like mail, stamps, and even this email cost money.

That is why I ask you to make a generous donation after youcomplete the American Morality survey today.

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Anonymous Jonathan said...

Thanks for posting this Ann. I'm forwarding the link to the Loudoun LGBT community. You may want to check out our blog for videos of Delgaudio in action.

March 5, 2010 at 4:23 PM  
Blogger Ann Neumann said...

Hi Jonathan. Thanks! Delgaudio in action?! Makes me nauseous.

March 6, 2010 at 4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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