Monday, October 19, 2009

Religious Practice and The Family - Not Open to Ms.

So I thought I would check out the cost to attend the upcoming event in Washington sponsored by The Heritage Foundation, Baylor Institute for the Studies of Religion, and Child Trends, a non-profit, children's advocacy group. The event is titled, "Religious Practice in America" and some of the panels have titles like, "Religious Practice and Families with Children," and "The Measures of Faith: Research on Religiosity."

Sounds great, right? I clicked the registration button to find out the cost but had to fill out a form before learning the price (turned out to be free). Problem was, first question I needed to answer, Prefix, didn't include me. I had the following choices: Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., and Rev. Well, I'm a Ms. but I guess women planning to attend don't get that option. They should either be married and making babies or young and single. Oh well.

While the event seems to be free, I've decided for reasons other than the absent Ms. not to attend.


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