Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bobby Jindal is a Tool.

After Obama tonight, Jindal's halting and meandering rebuttal looked high-school amateurish. What message do the Republicans have right now? We fucked up in the past but believe us! we are going to do better now. Not so reassuring in a crisis. He tried to be more "hopeful" as a criticism to Obama, but he was too late, Obama hit that note. He tried to lay down the Americans can do anything bullshit that came across as flat and forced, not only because the power of Americans has too long been faked out and swindled by Republican lethargy. And he tried to pull out the we Republicans are working for you because you are the source of our future not the government when so many people know government is broken that they look to Obama and Democrats for relief, regulation against run-away Wall Street and run-away corporations and restructuring of public services (Entitlements in Republican speak).

Bring on 2012. Jindal/Palin? Republicans are a disaster right now. They have no message. What philosophy they have relied on for decades has been proven false. Now they're just obstructionist entertainment. Once Coleman finally gets over himself, they won't be necessary; let them get their shit together and come back to the table when they're ready to do their jobs.

Bonus: watching McCain and Graham squirm tonight. They had to face the fact that they are rendering themselves and their party irrelevent.

Bonusplus: He's also a liar!