Sunday, August 2, 2009

Neither Single Payer nor Euthanasia is Under Serious Consideration.

I have a stack of things to my left elbow here that I have been meaning to blog for the past 48 hours but this little post will have to do in the immediate.

Whatever is McManus talking about? Does he know? It's a plodding piece that unfortunately delivers the superbly obtuse quote of this post title.

Like, ho-hum, no single-payer and no government execution of citizens. La-ti-da.

If he wants to discuss why momentum on the bill has maybe stalled, you think he'd do some, ahem, journalism and talk about the astroturf, lie- and fear-mongering going on - on the tab of those who will most benefit from a defeat of the bill, the medical industry and republicans. Or maybe the media blitz that the administration is working on.

Instead we get this patronizing crap about what Obama should be doing from a guy who doesn't get a smidgen of a rise out of "nor is euthanasia under serious consideration". And what, exactly, is serious??